Press Clippings: Emerging Technologies

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Recommended Reading
The Leap Motion is due out first quarter 2013. The power will be in the development of software to support the gesture-based computing model. What impact will this have on teaching with computers? Learning with computers? Is this a technology we need to keep an eye on? - kathyschrock kathyschrock Feb 27, 2013- jmorrison jmorrison Feb 27, 2013 - judy.oconnell judy.oconnell Feb 28, 2013- deirdre.butler deirdre.butler Mar 1, 2013- Tony.Brandenburg Tony.Brandenburg Mar 2, 2013- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Mar 4, 2013- Derrel.Fincher Derrel.Fincher Mar 4, 2013- Holly.Lu Holly.Lu Mar 6, 2013- alex.podchaski alex.podchaski Mar 7, 2013